If These Walls Could Talk

A custom built installation for an Interactive Architecture class - our team's aim was to create something that would project how occupants of the UC Berkeley architecture building (Wurster Hall) were collectively feeling.  We used an Arduino and Processing to display scrollable responses to the fill-in-the-blank we provided: "Wurster makes me feel ____." Additionally, people could add to the database of responses by tweeting their adjective feeling to #wurstersauce.  Using data from Arduino we could tally the number of "likes" people gave the different words, thus giving a general sense for how people felt about being in the space.   We were able to test out the installation for 1 week (before finals) - we recorded an overwhelmingly "negative" feeling burdening the students with the most "liked" adjectives being #hungry, #sleep-deprived, #persnickety Design Team - Melissa Miyamoto-Mills, Kate Greenberg, Frances Yang & Ryan McAdam


Our original paper prototype was a quick and dirty installation that proved that people would indeed interact and have fun with it.
People began adding their own descriptions which spurred our idea to make the final installation able to access tweets on twitter.
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